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K7103 picture k7103 is a build yourself digital storage oscilloscope kit by Velleman. It is connected to the parallel port of a PC on which a frontend program is running to display the measured signal and to adjust the osci settings. The device is not supported anymore by its vendor.

This site introduces a new third party frontend running on Linux in addition to the one supplied by Velleman for DOS and Windows.

Thu 31. May 2012
A new USB interface k7103-USB, integrated into the k7103 case, is available in the SVN repository at branch/usb/. It directly connects to the digital chips on the k7103 main PCB. This way a maximum rate of 130 acquisitions per second are possible. The K7103 frontend was extended with an appropriate driver for the new USB interface. It achieves approx. 70 acquisitions per second at my Core-i7 at 2.8GHz.

The 100x76mm PCB holds a Cypress AN2131Q EZ-USB 8051 microcontroller (MCU) and a Xilinx XC9572-PC84 CPLD.
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